Erin feels passionate about the power to heal and transform through rituals and ceremonies.  Healing rituals and ceremonies have been used and held sacred by most cultures around the world.  Erin draws inspiration and guidance from Pagan, Christian, Native American, West African, Buddhist, Wiccan and Hindi traditions.  She has had the honor to study with and learn from Sobonfu Some’, a visionary from Burkina Faso, Therese Charvet, owner of Sacred Groves Retreat Center, Carrie Kenner, owner of Big Belly Services, Joanna Macy, Buddhist eco-philosopher,  Bill Plotkin, depth psychologist, and Char Sundust, modern medicine woman.  Erin weaves the knowledge and wisdom she has received from elders with her innate gift to create and perform rituals and ceremonies, resulting in experiences that have potential for deep and meaningful healing and transformation.

You and Erin will  co-create the type of ceremony or ritual that would best suit your needs and belief system.  Your ritual may be facilitated by Erin, shared with a group of close friends or family, or may be experienced alone in a private space sacred to you.

“It was wonderful to have Erin’s loving, supportive presence through the process of planning our ceremony.  She has an intuitive gift of creating sacred space, really hearing what we wanted (even when we weren’t sure ourselves), and making helpful suggestions to shape our ceremony into a beautiful experience.  Erin took the time to help us visualize a ceremony that perfectly expressed our sentiments to each other and to our community of friends and family.  I felt comforted knowing that our ceremony was in her hands and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a caring, present wedding officiant.” –Laura Wood, Seattle


Rites of Passage Ceremonies
To assist with major transitions in ones life.  Examples include: celebrating a mother-to-be, honoring a newborn, celebrating a significant birthday, celebrating and honoring a young women on the onset of her menses, honoring or grieving the end of a significant relationship or marriage, honoring or grieving the death of a loved one.  The intention is always different; it may be to let go, to grieve, to pay respects and honor, to celebrate, or to invite in transformation or healing.


Blessingway Ceremonyblessingway
This may replace or complement a modern Baby Shower.  Blessingways are women-centered celebrations. The emphasis in a Blessingway ceremony is on heralding the expectant mother- her strength, her beauty, her dignity, her womanhood, her divine procreative powers, her metamorphosis as she goes through the creative process of bringing new life into this world.  These ceremonies are creative adaptations of the traditional Dine’ (Navajo) Blessingway- a sacred fertility rite.  Generally these ceremonies include a circle of women close to the expectant mother’s heart.


Erin is a wedding officiant, able to conduct legal marriages in the state of Washington.  She meets at least twice with the bride and groom in the months proceeding their wedding to customize a wedding ceremony that fullfills their dreams and desires and honors their unique belief system.    If needed, she can help you design the flow of the ceremony and help you to add sacred intention, humor and participation by loved ones all in a fluid, creative, beautiful manner.  She loves co-creating this sacred ceremony filled with intention, love, and joy.

$350 – Includes 2-3 pre-wedding planning sessions, rehearsal facilitation and officiating of wedding ceremony

“Erin created an amazing wedding ritual for my initiation into marriage.  Her courage and honesty really brought me to deep questions and her presence allowed me to feel held and supported the whole time.  It was a profound experience that I will always cherish.”

-Khadoma C.