Birth Doula Services

A BIRTH DOULA is a woman trained and experienced in childbirth, who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a woman during labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum.

I passionately believe that all mothers deserve a doula; someone who will listen to them, provide non-judgmental support and advocacy, someone who respects you as a mother and whose role it is to be in service to you and your family. A healthy and supported mother is the foundation of a healthy family and a healthy society!

I began my doula practice in 2001, and I have been fascinated by the power of women and birth since I was a child. I have been certified by DONA and have studied at the Seattle Midwifery School, Birthing From Within teacher trainings, and have worked with Big Belly Services in Seattle. I now offer my services to the beautiful pregnant women in the San Juan Islands.drawing

Prenatal Visits

We will meet at least twice to discuss your plans for the birth, to customize my services to your specific needs, and to assist you with preparations for the birth of your baby.

Continuous Labor Support

I will be with you continuously from early labor until a few hours after the birth. During labor, I can provide any of the following:

  • Emotional support and reassurance
  • Physical comfort measures (including massage)
  • Information about ways to enhance the labor process
  • Committed advocacy of your unique needs and wishes
  • Care which is complementary to both your caregiver’s role and your partner’s role

babyPostpartum Visit

I will visit you and your family a few days after the birth to discuss your birth experience, newborn care and feeding, postpartum self care, and to help coordinate your support network.


I base my fees on sliding scales to accommodate varying family incomes. I am also flexible in working out a payment schedule with you.

Birth services: $600-$1,000

After interviewing and deciding to hire me as your doula, I ask a retainer fee of $300, due at the time of hire.  The remaining balance is due at our final postpartum visit.

Placenta Encapsulation:  $100

Most mammals consume their placentas after birth and humans have also done so for ages.   Their are numerous benefits to ingesting the placenta.

Benefits include:

~increased milk production

~ decrease of incidence or severity of postpartum depression

~hormonal and energetic rebalancing

~Improvement of overall postpartum recovery

“Erin worked tirelessly to support me in every aspect of my birthing process, in so many different ways.   During my birth she was a rock, not only attending to my physical needs and countless crucial details, she also took care of my heart and my spirit, facilitating exquisite moments that helped me savor the juiciness of early labor and reminded me to stay present and full of joy. She eased my heart when things got difficult, encouraged and soothed me for hours as I labored, and facilitated communications between me, my husband, my midwife, and my family.  I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful experience.

-Laura L