“This woman effects a magical healing in her work. Her focus on every little piece of you is so intense and wonderful. Erin is a healer.” ––Kathy Collister, teacher, Eastsound, WA.

Therapeutic Massage

A restorative blend of several massage techniques such as Swedish massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, sports massage, reflexology or energy work.  Your unique session will be catered to your needs.
60 min. ~ $80
90 min. ~ $110









Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment will utilize a blend of massage techniques, applying strong pressure to areas in need of deeper work.  This is ideal for athletes, active people, and people who have received bodywork before.
60 min ~ $80
90 min ~ $110

Injury Treatment Session

Rehabilitating injuries is multi-faceted work.  This treatment will focus on site-specific injuries, both acute and chronic, while also taking into account postural assessment, compensatory patterns, and lifestyle patterns that may be associated with the injury.  Heat, ice therapy, medicinal creams and oils, assisted stretching, and scar tissue remediation may be used to treat your injury.

You will be encouraged to do restorative therapies at home as well.

This treatment works well in combination with Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic work.  Also recommended for pre and post operative care.
60 min ~ $80
90 min ~$110

Insurance Billing:

Erin is a preferred provider for Regence, Premera, Lifewise, L & I, and auto accident claims.  See ‘Insurance Payment Policies’ for more information.

Hot Stone Massage

Very warm river stones will be used to deeply relax your entire being.  Hot stones and hands will be combined to massage your muscles, while stones are placed on energetic centers of your body to ground and nourish you.  Perfect for that cold, damp, dreary day.
60 min ~ $90
90 min ~$115

Prenatal Massage

A special massage for mammas-to-be.  This is a wonderfully nurturing massage with specific treatment of common pregnancy aches and pains.  Bliss for mom and baby!
60 min ~ $80
90 min ~ $110

Sound Healingsound healing

Amp up your healing!  Khadoma, a gifted musician and sound healer, will accompany your session.  Using a crystal singing bowel and her beautiful, ancient, healing voice, she will bring your healing to a deeper level. ~ $35 added to any treatment

Spiritual Healings

Are you experiencing an emotional crisis, a major life transition, or do you feel ‘stuck’ in some aspect of your life?  Utilizing traditional Mayan healing techniques and various subtle bodywork therapies that are appropriate for you, Erin will create a healing session that goes beyond a traditional massage appointment.  The focus will be on dispersing and cleansing energies that are blocking your vital life force from flowing.  This session requires at least 24 hour notice and a conversation with Erin beforehand.
90 min – 2 hours ~$150


“I spent a few months on Orcas Island, back in the winter of 2010. I was recovering from a stressful time in my life and Erin became my massage therapist. Erin has some of the most nurturing and healing energy I have ever experienced, and I’ve had lots of massage therapy in my long life. Her touch, hands, technique, and the love in her heart are a gift not just to the body, but to the soul as well. Do yourself a favor. On the ferry, on the way over, book a massage with Erin. It will enhance your time on the island tremendously.”
–K.Coffey, business woman, entrepreneur – San Francisco, CA